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Sree auto consulting was established in the year 2014 to provide loan for pre-owned vehicles and for new vehicles. later our vision towards the society got elevated to next level and we started providing loans such as power loom loans for small enterprises , personal loans for sustainability in business , women development loans for betterment of our society as women entrepreneurs are the footsteps for the development of our nation. Further our services extends to providing gold loans , chit funds savings starting from Rs.1,25,000 to 20 lakhs






- To serve the people who have innovative skills and to develop our nation's back bone which is AGRICULTURE.
- We see women development as a stepping stones for the entire development of our nation and we whole-heartedly encourage "WOMEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP" and to support their dreams to support the nation's vision of women empowerment


-We are providing the best & reasonable interest offers to our customers to build their dreams.
-To make an entrepreneurship wish easier and more accessible to everyone so that they could build and develop their business ideas.
- We are processing the loans and our customer financial needs by faster approvals in time to time.
- By providing the loans at very least interest we are standing in front of the society as a consulting with best customer service and transparent
loan processing methods.